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Welcome to the Wiki!

Just want to give some idea on how I intend to use this site.

Creating your character

First thing you need to do is create a character. Character Creation. After you have created your character, please post it in the characters section. This game will focus more on story and roleplaying than combat, so please create at least a starting background for your character.

Setting wise, this game takes place during the Old Republic, sometime around 3750 BBY and players start the game at their graduation from the Imperial Academy.

If you could include your character background on the character page and create a wiki for that character as well.

Game sessions

My intention is to post a chunk of story in the adventure log, and then we will communicate through comments on that log until we reach a point that calls for a new log. This way we can continue the game without having to all be on at once. Think of it as more of a tactical rpg. When I post a new item in the adventure log, that’s the top of the order, initiative wise, then everyone else describes what they do in their reply. When I make my next post, everything that happened in the previous post takes place in that order and then the world will respond as needed.

When we do all need to be present we will play on Google + using a hangout and Tabletop Forge.

Wiki and Character entries

If you see an empty wiki link , I have left it empty for a reason. You are free to create the backstory/name/details of the item in question. First person that gets to it gets to create it.

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