Character Creation

Star Wars:
You Need
Star Wars: Core Rulebook Saga Edition

This site you can see a complete list of Races here.
You are going to start as members of the Empire. The empire is generally human based with occasionally other human-like races being allowed in. So nothing too outrageous, unless you can give me a GREAT explanation. And be aware that your choice of species may result in you being treated harshly.

You may choose from Noble, Scoundrel, or Soldier for your starting class.

Level 1
No Force Sensitivity
I will allow you to play a droid, you basically just tell me that droid is your race and continue on creating your character. I will build the droid on the hardware side.

Roll Stats: Roll 4d6 and drop the highest, for each

Pick Feat: You can choose from any book, but I may ask you to change it.

Pick Skills

The same site has a character creator app you can use. Races must be approved by me before you can use them, and you can be a droid, but you don’t get to design it, I do.

Character Creation

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