Voltron the Zeltron

A thrill seeking scoundrel from the Sluticus Galaxy seeking good times and an unfair fight in the galaxies around his home galaxy


stats ZELTRON THE ALMIGHTY ROBOT FORCE Who is A scoundrel My name is Voltron the Zeltron
str 7 7
dex 12 12
wis 9 7
charisma 10 12
int 12 12
con 9 9
Hit Points 17
Force points 10 of those
Reflex 2+
Will 1+

Feats: Point blank shot Improved defenses+1 Weapon prof: simple weapons weapon prof: pistols

My cock is also here drew Spacehound

Skills=5 Pilot Mechanic Gather Information Deception use computer


Voltron the Zeltron

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