The Cool Slate Rises



Immediately after graduation you were processed through a sorting process to assign you based on your aptitude. The weird part was that after the tests and interviews, as you watched your friends and classmates slowly being summoned and sent to their new posts. You were ignored. At the end of the day, almost all of your class had left, with the exception of 3 others. The four of you remained waiting for hours before one of them got up and looked around. A few minutes later he came back and told you that the building was empty, everyone had left, and so he was leaving. He grabbed his bags and headed outside.
You …


I don’t trust anything, so I grab my bag, and break off the leg of a desk to use as a weapon if needed. I’ll walk outside slowly.


Respair, you get 5 additional force points for this level. for not posting horrible useless inane comments that your character 1) couldn’t and 2) wouldn’t do. So basically for playing the game. Out of three current players, I am rewarding you with double the starting number of force points for basically showing up and not disrupting class.


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