The Cool Slate Rises


Suddenly, from outside, you heard blaster shots and a scream. As you rushed to the door, you saw the man you just talked to unconscious, being carried away by three officers while another gave you a menacing look. Thinking it might be better to stay inside, you returned to your seat and waited. and waited. and waited.

The following morning you were all woken up by a noisy protocol droid. It instructs you, very
abruptly, to grab your things and follow. It leads you down hall after hall. They all look the same, but you don’t think they are, because you do not seem to be able to figure out how you would possibly get back out.

Finally the droid stops in front of a small one room office and instructs you all to enter. Behind a small, nondescript desk sits a Chiss officer. He informs you that you have all be selected from among their entire class to take on a mission of the utmost secrecy and importance. You will say goodbye to your lives and serve the Empire. He opens a door to his side and tells you to follow this hall.

From there it was just a series of space transports and ports. You have no possible idea where you are going and no one will answer any questions.

Back in the present

So here you sit. 16 hours since you left your last stop, what you learned was the Outpost Base, deep in the outer rim. Supposedly, you are finally going to your destination. Having taken the opportunity to rest, knowing you may not get to again for a while, you spend the last few hours of the trip getting to know your teammates.


Immediately after graduation you were processed through a sorting process to assign you based on your aptitude. The weird part was that after the tests and interviews, as you watched your friends and classmates slowly being summoned and sent to their new posts. You were ignored. At the end of the day, almost all of your class had left, with the exception of 3 others. The four of you remained waiting for hours before one of them got up and looked around. A few minutes later he came back and told you that the building was empty, everyone had left, and so he was leaving. He grabbed his bags and headed outside.
You …

Getting Started

It’s been 12 hours. 12 LONG hours since you departed from Outpost Base. You have no idea how long it’s been since you left the academy. You thought that you might get a few weeks off, to relax after completing school, but apparently that was not what the Empire had planned for you.


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